Frequently Asked Questions

Often, we get asked many questions regarding our repair services and while we are more than happy to answer them, we feel that providing the answers to our most common questions provides a level of transparency for our clients. 

My new appliance is being repaired under warranty. I have received a text stating that you are waiting for parts. How do you know what parts are required?

When you contacted the company who manages your product’s warranty, they listened to the problems you are having with your appliance. The engineers who designed your appliance have also developed a problem check-list that helps determine what went wrong with your appliance. With this information, they are able to determine the most likely cause of the problem and send me the parts responsible for it. They have a very high success rate in diagnosing correctly. One company has quoted me that they get it right 85% of the time, but I have found it is probably better than that.

For repairs under warranty, how long does it take to receive parts?

This one is dependent on the company. Some companies send the parts the same day we receive the job card from them. Others, the day after. From there, it takes a day or so for them to arrive, depending on where they are sent from. As soon as the parts arrive we get in contact to arrange the repair.

For repairs under warranty, when will the repair occur?

This answer depends on two things: Your availability, and our schedule. We keep at least one appointment available each day for short notice repairs, generally at 8am that day. If we already have another warranty repair booked at that time, we will book the next day or next available appointment, whichever is sooner.

Our new appliance has been broken a long time, I really need it fixed now!

We completely understand, however we are limited by how long things take to be sent to us and repairs that have already been booked. We work hard to make time to complete the repair as soon as we can. We even keep appointments spare to help with this.

We will be in contact as soon as we have received the parts and let you know of our next available booking. Thanks for being patient.

We would like to remind you that making demands, using aggresive or threatening language or behaviour is not helpful to your repair and presents a safety risk to our staff. We may cancel the repair (in accordance with our Terms & Conditions) if this happens, making the process even longer for you.

What are some things I can do to reduce the cost of my repair?

The best thing you can do is provide as much information as you can. Our online booking form asks the questions we need to help us begin the repair process. Sometimes it can help us make a diagnosis ahead of our appointment so that we can arrive with the parts ready to go. Some really helpful information to give us is:

-The brand of the appliance & its model number. This helps us to track down available parts
-As much information as you can on what is or isn’t working in your appliance. Is the freezer working but not the fridge? Does your washing machine fill with water but not spin? Does it make any unusual sounds?

If you don’t have this information immediately available, you can still make the booking and then update us afterward by sending an email or using our contact form. The sooner we know, the better chance we have of finding parts.

Where do I find the model number of my appliance?

In refrigerators: look inside the fridge on the walls. There should be an information sticker. For some models, it will be where the seal sits when the door closes.

Top Load Washing Machines: Look for a sticker behind the setting and display panel.

Front Load Washing Machines and Dryers: Check around the door and where the door will cover when it is closed

Dishwashers: Check around the door edge. Some models this will be very faint.

Ovens: Look inside the door, or around the frame where the door covers the oven.

For all appliances, also check the rear of your machine.

It is also helpful to perform a Google search for “Where to find model number for {Brand} {Appliance}?" for specific details.

What is the Commercial or Outside Hours Premium?

Sometimes, you might have an appliance that you depend on for business, or you might require a booking that is outside our normal operating hours (8am to 5pm Monday to Friday).

We are able to make an appointment that we are able to prioritise (for business) or that is outside our normal operating hours.

To cover additional overtime charges, a labour premium is applied to cover these costs.

The outside hours premium does not apply to non-commercial clients if we have booked an appointment before 5pm and we are running behind schedule.