Terms & Conditions of Service

This is where we spell out in detail how and why we do things. It gives you the definitions of how we will do the work for you and what we expect in return. Please make sure you read these carefully as you agree to these terms when you make a booking with us. If you have any questions, or if you have made a booking and do not agree to these terms, please get in contact.

Invoicing and Payment

We will send an invoice once the work is complete. The invoice is due immediately. Our preferred payment is via credit/debit card on the spot (Visa, Mastercard and American Express). The invoice also contains our banking details and a link to pay by card. We also accept cash. Cheques are accepted with a 15 minute labour charge. If paying by bank transfer, please include the invoice number as the reference.

Outstanding invoices are automatically sent a reminder text 7 days after issue. After 21 days, a final reminder is automatically sent via email. If the account is still outstanding after 30 days it will be referred to a collection agency.

Accounts referred to a collection agency incur a 15 minute labour charge as well as the collection agency’s fees & commission, on top of the original invoice amount.

If the invoice remains unpaid and must be referred to court (usually after 12 months), then the cost of hiring a solicitor, time to attend the court case as well as any additional legal fees are also added to the original invoice amount. 

If an invoice is to be issued to a third party, then we must be notified before work has commenced and prior to issuing an invoice. The third party’s contact details must be given including: Point of Contact, Third Party’s Name, Phone Number, Address, Email Address, ABN (if the third party has one). If the invoice is required to be sent to a third party after it has been issued, it will incur a 15 minute labour charge. This is to cover the additional administration costs involved in this process.

Variations to this process may be made on a case-by-case basis and must be agreed to before the commencement of work.

Warranty on Repairs

The standard warranty on parts is set by the manufacturer and is usually 3 months. No warranty is offered on parts that are sourced outside of the manufacturer’s distribution (ie Ebay etc) and we will inform you when this is the case. If a replacement part fails in this period, any additional labour is also included in the 3 month part warranty.

If a warranty claim is made and the fault is not reproducible, you may be liable for an additional call-out fee. This warranty does not cover a different fault found on the same appliance in this period.

We may elect to attempt further repair or issue a refund of charges. The initial call-out fee is not refundable.

We do not warrant a repair if:
- The invoice has not been paid
- A domestic appliance is used in a commercial setting
- You supplied the part yourself (warranty on workmanship is still covered)
- User level maintenance has not been performed
- The appliance is subjected to unreasonable use or damage, including weather

This warranty does not replace your consumer rights.

Capped Price Labour on Repairs

We will cap the labour charge to the call out + 2 hours for any single appliance. Additional appliances are subject to another 2.5 hour labour cap.

The cap on labour applies to a standard appliance repair only and is not applied to appliances that require replacement. It also does not apply if non-standard measures are required to conduct the repair, such as an unusual installation.
The labour cap does not apply to Commercial Appliance Repair

Travel Outside Canberra

We now offer fortnightly appliance repairs outside of Canberra. These repairs have a once - off travel fee. The days and fees that we travel are:

  • Every Second Monday: Yass ($55), Murrumbateman ($27.50) Region
  • Every Second Wednesday: Gouburn Region ($110)
  • Alternate Friday: Michelago ($55), Cooma ($110) Region
  • Bungendore: When we are already nearby (ie Queanbeyan) ($55)

We can only service a limited number of repairs on these days and service is first-in best dressed. We will try to book these jobs in a way that means we can service the most jobs we can and bookings will require flexibility in timings.

To expedite repairs, we will try to collect as much information as we can however some repairs may require subsequent visits to complete the repair as parts may require ordering after a diagnostic visit.

Regular, Outside Hours, Commercial Repairs and additional fees

Our regular hours are 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Our first booking is 8am and our last booking is for 4:30pm on these days.

We offer a limited availability of up to 2 repairs per day that may be booked at 5pm or after. This attracts an additional labour rate $27.50 per 15 mins ($110/hr). This fee is additional to our call out fee and labour rate. Bookings at 5pm or after are entirely optional.

If you have a repair booked on or before 4:30pm and we are running late, YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED FOR EXTRA LABOUR. You will also not be charged extra labour if we run after 5pm.

Commercial Repairs have additional labour applied no matter the time of day they are booked. This is because we recognise the imperative nature of a commercial appliance functioning and it also has potential for disrupting other clients' schedules. In return, these repairs attract our Highest Priority.

Appliance Inspection and Reporting

We offer an assessment service on appliances that are no longer functioning or have sustained damage. As part of that service, we are able to produce a report of our findings or recommendation.

Depending on the level of report required, a minimum of our call out + 1/2 is required to assess and produce a report. Reports are produced within 2 weeks of the assessment visit, along with the invoice.

Invoices are payable by the client who commissions the report on the appliance.

Reports produced are HONEST AND UNBIASED and may not favour the client who has contracted GBRS to assess the appliance.

Client Responsibilities

As the client, you have the following responsibilities:

-Access is available to the appliance. This can be through a key left in a safe place or a responsible adult in attendance (if not yourself). If access is not avalable the call out fee will apply.

-The appliance is installed in a way that it can be fully tested for operation. This includes connection to electricity, water and drainage.

-A method of payment is available when the repair is completed

Aggressive & Threatening Behaviour

We have a responsibility to ourselves and our staff to provide safe working conditions. Sometimes due to circumstances outside of our control, delays occur for the arrival of parts. We strive to make appointments at the next available booking times when parts have arrived.

Making demands, using aggressive or threatening language and behaviour does not speed up the repair process and adds a safety risk to our staff. We reserve the right to cancel a job if this happens. You will be liable for the call out fee if we have already made a diagnostic visit.

Damage to Property

While we take all due care when moving your appliance, we do not accept responsibility for damage that may occur in moving your appliance to conduct the repair eg scraping of floorboards. We will follow any damage prevention you provide where physically able.

We are also not responsible for any water damage that may occur due to faulty plumbing service (eg a tap that does not shut off properly).

Repairs that are Excluded

The Ginger Beard Repair Service provides in-home appliance repair. Most appliance repairs are able to be completed in the home however there are some repairs that require a workshop.

Examples of workshop repairs include refrigerant leaks, compressor replacement, any kind of hot-work (welding, brazing), bearing replacement in washing machines, any washing machine repair that requires the tub to be removed.

It should be stressed that this kind of repair is very rare and the majority of appliances are able to be completed in the home. We will advise you as soon as we think that your appliance may have a problem that requires a workshop to remedy.